Fall Engagement at Baywood Greens

When it comes to November, we all know that Mother Nature is fully in charge of the weather, the trees and the season in general.  You sort of never know if you are going to have a beautiful day with bright fall foliage or gloomy skies and bare branches.  Well, the Friday before Katie & Andrews fall engagement session at Baywood Greens, it literally down-poured with 25mph wind gusts all day long.  I was pretty certain, any chance of the trees still having something on them was out the window.  But when Saturday evening rolled around and we met up at Baywood Greens, I found the prettiest of spots for their engagement session AND the trees STILL had leaves!  We had ideal fall weather; crisp temperatures but zero wind, golden sun and vibrant foliage.  Katie & Andrew made my job super easy and I am looking forward to their wedding next year at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club!  Check out a handful of my favorites from their session below.







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