Winter Maternity Session in the Snow

It is now mid-January and I think Mother Nature has finally figured out that it is Winter!  It’s been a pretty mild season so far but the temperatures have really dropped within the past week and have stayed there consistently.  I am all for embracing the seasons, but I would prefer that if it was going to be cold it would be accompanied with lots of snowflakes, and when our first snow was in the forecast, Stacie was all for trying it out!  Her and her step-daughter Trista, carefully headed to my house and helped me create the most beautiful photos in this winter maternity session in the snow!  Even though her husband Mario had to work, Stacie looked like a winter princess to my two kids who were peeping through the windows and watching with wide-eyes, just dying to get out in the snow with her!

I will be seeing Stacie again this weekend for her originally scheduled maternity session, but for now, take a look at a few of my favorite images from her winter maternity session in the snow!







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