Rehoboth Beach Country Club Engagement

I LOVE when my clients give me new locations to take their pictures! It’s so refreshing and sparks creativity, and Paige & Connor’s Rehoboth Beach Country Club Engagement session did just that. Connor’s parents live in the development, so we had full access to the area where the two spend some of their time in the summer.

It was a beautiful evening in June with blue skies and bright blooming foliage all around us! Connor and Paige love playing golf together and can be very competitive with many aspects of their relationship, even when it comes to getting their photo taken. When I gave them some interesting directions to get some fun, playful photos, it of course became a competition and literally led to Paige falling (or maybe being tripped) to the ground and losing a shoe! We all were laughing for quite some time and definitely led to jokes between the two of them for the rest of the evening. It was hard to narrow down just a few favorites from this session, but check them out below! I’ve even included the ones of Paige’s fall and I’ll leave you to be the judge on whether she accidentally fell or was tripped. 😉






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