Pot-Nets Wedding // Millsboro, De // Paige & Connor

If you would have told me the Monday before Paige & Connor’s wedding that we would be clear of rain and having her ceremony outside as planned, I would not have believed you. But sure enough, as the forecast always does for this area, it changed and their outdoor, Pot-Nets Wedding in Millsboro, DE commenced as planned with our only “struggle” being with wind!

I arrived at Paige’s parents house as the girls were getting their hair and makeup done, and I couldn’t help but notice the pictures spread out on the walls and set atop the furniture of Paige, her brother, and her family. There was a sense of ‘home’ when you stepped through that front door and that feeling carried on for the rest of the night. As the girls put on their dresses and the finishing touches were done to Paige’s makeup, she transformed in to the most stunning bride I have ever seen. Like, jaw-dropping, straight out of a magazine, perfection! After a sweet moment with just her and her dad, the girls hustled into the limo waiting outside and made their way to the ceremony site.

Paige & Connor opted to do a first look and I LOVE these so much! It not only gives the bride and groom an intimate time just for the two of them before all their guests arrive, but it also usually means I have a little bit more time with them later on for amazing photos. I don’t ever want my couples to feel bogged down with time spent on formal photos, so a first look option allows those times to be spread out more throughout the day.

With the wind whipping off the river, they moved their ceremony site off the pavilion and down on the lawn in front of it. Even though the gusts were so bad it almost took your breath away, the movement it put in Paige’s gown and hair almost made you feel like you were watching something out of a movie – an intimate conversation between two lovers, hand in hand about to take on a brand new life together. It was absolutely beautiful.

After the ceremony commenced, we headed about 7 minutes away to the reception site and the wind was GONE. We finished up their family portraits and then spent some quality time taking photos of just the two of them without the fear of blowing over (or being tripped over….see their engagement photos here for that reference, haha)! When you have a couple who is over-the-moon for one another it makes the photographs come so easily and effortless! These were those people!

Surrounded by family and friends, Paige & Connor partied the night away, dancing and singing to their favorite tunes. As her gown swayed and swirled below her, Paige seemed to float across the dance floor like a princess. As the night went on, the party level increased and out came the shots! Pink Flamingos and ski-shots were passed around as everyone joined in on the fun!

I’m pretty sure I could talk about this night forever, but I will leave you with just a few of my favorites below. Seriously, I can’t believe that these amazing people are my clients. ALL of my clients are amazing and I am so grateful for the time I get to spend with them on such a special day in their lives!






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